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“living through music”

Corazon Concerts, born in Santa Barbara, California, manages, records, promotes, and books artists from around the world, featuring a diverse array of talented and professional musicians, as well as a wide variety of genres.

      We value the importance to promote “root” music performed in traditional and contemporary fashion. By sharing and experiencing music of different cultures, and also “linking generations”, our goal is to communicate through the universal language of music, heart beats, and goose bumps.

– Beto de Leon –
Vision – Executive Director – Producer

Beto de Leon / Corazon Concerts
Mangement & Bookings
North & South America, Europe
Tel: (805) 308-0684 USA
Tel/whatsapp: (598) 98 65 33 17 URUGUAY
e-mail: beto_de_leon@yahoo.com
skype: beto de leon / linkedin: beto de leon
soundcloud: beto de leon 1
youtube: beto de leon / corazon concerts
website: www.corazonconcerts.com

Roster 2018/2019 available upon request